➡️Win2Loan Sdn Bhd provide the best personal loan packages in the whole KL and Selangor. We specialize in this field and try our best to approve your personal loan application.

➡️ Business needs enough amount of cash which is to be utilized as a key for financing startup or extended expense. Most companies notwithstanding whether they are from big organizations or small companies need business advances in the event that they need cash related help. Hence, business loan can help you to solve the problem.

➡️ The loan is normally used by the companies for operational purposes or even for capital expenditure requirement. Availability of loan, tenure, terms and interest rates is depending on the credit profile of the borrowers. For example, types of business, duration of the company incorporated and income in bank. If the borrowers are blacklisted, we will see their repayment ability and past history to provide them the most suitable loan.

Who Can Apply ?

Malaysian with valid my-kad.

  1. Salary minimum RM1000
  2. Still working
  3. Blacklist, AKPK, CCRIS can apply
  4. SSM more than 6months

More Reasons to Choose Us

☑️ More Than 15+ Years of Experience

We have operated in the private lending industry for more than 15 years and have accumulated an extensive array of experience that can easily help you overcome any financial issues.

☑️ Very Low & Reasonable Interest Rates that Won’t Burden You

We charge a very low & reasonable interest rates on your TOTAL loan amount. If you are looking for a personal loan that won’t stress you out, then you are in the right place. Apply with us today & let us help you solve your money problems.


We do not charge any hidden & upfront fees. We also do not charge any processing fee AT ALL for any loan application.


☑️ Stress-Free Flexible Loan

Get a loan from us & enjoy maximum freedom & flexibility. Choose to fully settle your loan with us from 6 months up to a maximum of 60 months.

Our Expert Team

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